Comprehensive Speech and Language Assessment

The process begins with an intake interview, where history and relevant information is gathered. A comprehensive assessment is then conducted to determine the client?s current levels of speech and language abilities and needs.

Dynamic treatment is provided through weekly therapy sessions aimed at developing and increasing the client?s language and communication abilities.

For Youngsters, Speech Therapy is provided to address communication, language and learning disorders in children, secondary to the following: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Language and Learning Disabilities, Apraxia of Speech, Feeding Disorders, Oral Motor Difficulties, Stuttering, Social Pragmatic Language Challenges, Nonverbal Children, Expressive and Receptive Language Delays and Disorders.

Language Rehabilitation for Adults is offered to clients, if you are recovering from a stroke, other traumatic brain injury or neurological disease such as Parkinson's? You will receive strategies to improve your memory, increase organization of your thoughts, and expression of your ideas. Through therapy, you will also work on improving function and range of motion for those areas of the face that have any muscle damage.

Corporate Speech Therapy for adults is offered to clients in a corporate setting if you are looking to improve your communication skills by reducing your foreign accent, or increasing your confidence for public speaking by learning effective communication strategies.