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Lip Tie

Lip Tie services offered in Los Gatos, CA

Lip tie is a condition that limits movement of the upper lip. Nicole Cavalea, MS, CCC-SLP, and the team at Strategies for Success in Los Gatos, California, provide orofacial/myofunctional therapy for children with lip ties before and after surgical intervention. To learn more about speech therapy for lip ties, call the office or schedule an appointment at Strategies for Success online today. Virtual visits are also available.

Lip Tie Q & A

What is a lip tie?

A lip tie is a structural abnormality of the mouth that limits the movement of the upper lip. Newborns and children with lip ties have a restricted frenulum — the band of tissue that connects the upper lip to the gums — that’s too tight or too thick. 

Lip tie is less common than tongue-tie, but these two conditions may occur together. Without adequate movement of the upper lip, a baby may have a hard time breastfeeding, affecting growth and development.

What are the signs and symptoms of lip tie in infants?

Difficulty breastfeeding is the most common symptom of lip tie. That occurs because the baby has a hard time latching on to the nipple. If your baby makes a clicking sound when breastfeeding, it means they’re not latched on. 

Other signs and symptoms of lip tie include:

  • Difficulty breathing when feeding
  • Falling asleep while feeding
  • Spitting out milk 
  • Frequent feedings
  • Poor weight gain
  • Colic

The breastfeeding mother may also experience breast pain during and after nursing. 

What are the complications of lip ties?

Lip ties can lead to complications such as inadequate nutrition and slow growth and development. Your child may feed better from a bottle, which can improve nutrition and growth.

When left untreated, children with lip ties may experience problems, such as dental issues. The tight upper lip may trap food and milk, leading to cavities or gum disease. Children with lip ties may also have a hard time eating, chewing, and manipulating food in the mouth. 

Most children with lip ties need a labial frenectomy, which is a surgical procedure that cuts the tissue connecting the upper lip to the gum. 

Strategies for Success provides pre and post-procedure myofunctional therapy for lip tie, retraining orofacial muscles to improve muscular function.  

What happens during an orofacial exam for lip tie?

The team at Strategies for Success conducts a comprehensive evaluation during your first meeting for a lip tie. They review medical history, examine the structure of the mouth, lips, and tongue, and observe your child’s overall orofacial muscular function.

After the evaluation, your orofacial/myofunctional therapist creates a personalized plan that addresses your child’s unique needs and goals. The team at Strategies for Success uses myofunctional therapy to create a pre and post-procedure exercise protocol that treats symptoms related to lip tie.

To learn more about speech therapy for lip ties, call Strategies for Success or schedule an appointment online today.